About Us

Emergency Star Life, Ltd. is a private healthcare provider with a comprehensive range of paramedic services. All of our employees have the highest paramedic qualifications and many years of experience working in the emergency services, inpatient care at anesthesia and intensive care units, surgery, cardiology and other specialized departments. Our doctors and paramedics are also University and post-secondary teachers, lecturers at Slovak and International congresses, First Aid instructors, successful participants and winners of international and national rescue competitions. Before LSE was established our employees have participated as a management and executive paramedics in providing care at events like The Bush – Putin summit, visits of Pope John Paul II. in Slovakia, rock star concerts and international sporting events (football, tennis, horse racing).

The outbound detachments of emergency medical services in Bratislava, Pezinok, Senec, Moravský Svätý Ján and Šaštín – Straže provide emergency prehospital care in sudden conditions or persons at risk based on the emergency calls received via emergency phone numbers “155” and “112”.

In addition to these so-called primary trips that are provided for healthcare facilities, health and commercial insurance agencies we also provide secondary trips including interhospital transfers and patient transport services within regions of Slovakia or Europe. We provide transport within European countries for all cases, not only for the Slovak nationals, but for all patients based on the orders and international treaties.

We also provide all kinds of training and courses in emergency medicine, basic, health and medical first aid.

Life Star Emergency as an emergency medical service is essential component of the Integrated Emergency System.