patient transport Life Star Emergency, spol. s r. O. is non-state
medical facility
providing a comprehensive range
rescue operations.
securing events and other services ...

Life Star Emergency, spol. s r. O. It is a private medical facility, which has been operating since 2004 and provides a comprehensive range of rescue operations.



Transportation and self-payers transports patients to the doctor, for examination to the hospital ...



Health security policy, cultural, sports, recreational and other national and international events.



Emergency prehospital care in the hands of skilled health professionals.

Prevozy patients samoplatcov

For healthcare facilities, health and commercial insurance companies also provide secondary exits, ie hospital transport and patient transport within Slovakia and Europe. Ferries in European countries provide for all kinds of diseases not only by citizens of Slovakia, But for all of the ordering and international agreements.

ensuring events
(sporting events, concerts, Assembly and others.)

Staff - doctors, paramedics, nurses and drivers of emergency vehicles Ambulance shall provide advice in the preparation and medical support political, cultural, sports, recreational and other national and international events where the assumption of an emergency situation, or threatening health disorder in several people.

Price calculation for ensuring events are available at request

crew composition

team of professionals

Ambulance (RLP)

The crew consists of a doctor 2 paramedics.

Emergency Medical Service (RZP)

The crew is made up of two paramedical.

Travel Mini First Aid Kit

vehicle equipment

Ambulance vehicle is provided by the Ministry of Health Decree No.. 30 / 2006, equipment is checked and approved by the Ministry of Health, all health insurance companies and the Health Care Surveillance. We use vehicles Mercedes, Renault, Fiat Iveco, medical technology companies Dräger, PhysioControl, Braun, Laerdal, Ferno, Spencer.

qualification rescuers

All our employees have the highest paramedic qualifications and years of experience of working in emergency services ...

Education and qualification according to the Health Ministry Decree No.. 30 / 2006, in accordance with the legislation of EU countries, USA, Canada and Australia.